Homeowners Insurance

Keep your property safe and sound with our home insurance solutions.

Home insurance provides financial protection against damage to your property, and for your liability or legal responsibility for injuries and property damage caused to other people by you or members of your family. A typical homeowners policy may provide:

  • Replacement costs
  • Additional living expenses (in the event that you must seek shelter elsewhere temporarily)
  • Coverage for personal possessions

This basic level of coverage helps protect the average homeowner from significant financial loss when the unexpected happens.

Additional Policies to Protect Your Home

Most damage caused by disasters is covered by a standard home insurance policy, but there are exceptions. For instance, damage caused by a flood, earthquake, or poor maintenance IS NOT covered under a standard policy. It is essential for homeowners to purchase a separate policy or an endorsement for flood or earthquake coverage. As for maintenance-related problems—these are a homeowner’s responsibility.

If you are looking to enhance your standard homeowners insurance, consider the following:

  • Valuable Articles and/or Floaters insurance (jewelry, collections, etc.)
  • Dwelling fire policies for rental properties used for investment income
  • Builders risk coverage for homes under construction or renovations
  • Animal liability for liability issues due to household pets
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Earthquake insurance

Without the right level of home insurance, you could find that you lose a significant amount of money due to repairing or replacing a damaged home. If you are not sure where to begin, our agents are here to guide you.

Get More Personalized Service

There are a number of insurance companies that serve Massachusetts communities. At Eldredge & Lumpkin Insurance Agency, we distinguish ourselves by offering personalized service, ensuring that you get a policy that meets your specific needs from an agent who understands your situation and what needs to be done to set up your policy properly. Our agency works hard to design a home insurance policy that gives you peace of mind.

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