Liability Insurance

For more liability insurance options, turn to Eldredge & Lumpkin Insurance Agency.

Eldredge & Lumpkin Insurance Agency will help determine the types of liability coverage you need to keep your business’ assets protected. Our agency offers several types of liability insurance. These policies include:

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions, Malpractice, etc.)
  • Contractors Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability

Without liability insurance, you may be unequipped to face lawsuits that threaten your company’s financial stability. Fortunately, each of the above options is designed to safeguard your business in a specific way. To give you a better understanding of these policy types, here are more details…

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers the liability risks of a business arising from injuries or property damage that is caused by its products, completed jobs, premises, and operations. It consists of two types of insurance, 1) products liability and 2) other liability.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance protects you from financial damage when you or one of your employees makes a mistake that negatively affects a client.

It is also known as malpractice insurance and errors and omissions liability insurance (E&O.) It will pay the cost of your defense and any damaged awarded (up to policy limits.) Insurance companies have developed many specialized policies that respond to risks distinctive to particular professions (doctors, lawyers, architects, etc.)

Contractors Liability Insurance

Contractors liability insurance protects you from damage and injuries that might occur while working on a construction project. If someone is injured on your job-site, the coverage will pay for your legal protection (defense costs) as well as judgment against you in the event of a covered loss.

You might also need contractors liability insurance to qualify for government construction jobs.

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