Amazing Benefits Of Smiling

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Have you ever thought about what a positive impact something as simple as a good mood can be on your day? Just one smile a day and you are likely to feel a lot better than you would have if you spent the day worried, upset or frowning. A good smile can brighten up the room, your day, and everyone else’s. But did you know that some suggest there are more positive effects than just that?

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It’s true, aside from a mood booster; there are many different “hidden” benefits to smiling.

  1. You can earn trust more easily from others with a trustworthy smile
  2. It can get you out of hot water – isn’t that right, mom and dad? Don’t you feel a bit softer when your child gives you that look… you know the one…?
  3. You can laugh off any pain or embarrassment with a smile – it releases endorphins which are more likely to make you feel good, and perhaps even help you to forget what you were upset about to begin with
  4. Smiling may make you more attractive
  5. Smiling may relieve stress
  6. You can boost your immune system, and, some suggest, lower your blood pressure – which helps decrease your risk of diseases, too!
  7. A smile across  your face can make you look younger – the muscles we use to smile actually make a person appear younger

Research even suggests that smiling can help you live longer! Abel & Kruger did research where they studied photos taken of baseball players from 1952 – the ones smiling outlived their non-smiling counterparts by as much as seven years!

So before you get distressed, think about all of the good you could be doing by smiling instead – and turn that frown upside down!


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