Celebrate Water Quality Month with These Tips

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Has the quality of the water in your home been a problem for your family? It is important to monitor the health and condition of the water every month. This way, dangerous chemicals won’t contaminate the quality of this crucial liquid, keeping everyone safe at home.

Since it is Water Quality Month, this is the perfect time to make sure your water is up to par. You use water for many different reasons around your home, so making sure it is safe for usage is a good idea. If you notice any of the following issues in your home, this could mean the water is contaminated:

  • A leaking, overflowing or outdated septic tank
  • Bare areas in your lawn from soil erosion when it rains
  • Drain pipes that empty water into the street or storm sewer system
  • Fertilizer or pesticide left on streets and sidewalks
  • Over watering of gardens or lawns
  • Pet or animal waste left in the street or on the ground
  • Improper storage and disposal of pesticides, gasoline, oil, paint, etc.

Here are some tips to turn your bad quality water into good quality water this month:

  • Install a water softener to remove the minerals, which allows soap to lather to avoid plumbing damages.
  • If your water is yellow, brownish, cloudy, or unpleasant to taste, the problem may be the presence of algae. This problem can be fixed by installing a particle filter.
  • If any of these issues are severe, you may need to install a continuous feeder that adds a chlorine solution to the water.

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