Don’t Let Mold Damages from Rain and Flooding Ruin Your Home!

by owner

The weather in New England is unpredictable, even during the summer. This can leave your home vulnerable to mold due to flooding and rain. These damages can cause a space to smell and rot amongst other hazards. As a homeowner, you should find ways to prevent mold so your family can remain safe living at home.

Learning methods to prevent mold can not only prevent serious health issues, but also save you money on costly repairs. It is crucial that you keep this potentially harmful material out so you can maintain a safe environment. Here are some tips to help prevent mold before the next flood comes:

water damaged basement

  • Fix leaks in your plumbing system as soon as possible.
  • If mold has formed on hard surfaces, use detergent and water to scrub it off, and make sure it dries completely.
  • Keep in mind that mold will most likely not grow if a damp area is dried 24-48 hours after a flood or rain.
  • Your yard should slope away from your property’s foundation so water cannot enter or collect around it.
  • Mold will not form is you keep the indoor humidity low.
  • If rooms in certain areas get too humid, use exhaust fans to maintain balance.

At Eldredge & Lumpkin Insurance Agency, we hope these tips help you avoid mold altogether. However, if this material does formulate, it is important to take action immediately. Our team understands that you have worked hard to provide a safe living space for your loved ones, which is why we would like to enhance your experience by providing comprehensive and affordable flood insurance to meet your needs. This type of insurance is separate from and supplementary to homeowners insurance. Get personalized attention that helps you understand your options and make an informed choice today!


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