Listing Drivers on your auto policy

by plong

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Please …. Let Us Know!

Anyone that has a driver’s license and lives in your home or uses your vehicle on a regular basis, must be listed on your auto policy! If they live in the same house and never use your vehicle, they must still be listed on your auto policy.

Auto companies are within their legal rights to deny a claim (and they have!) if an operator has not been listed on an auto policy – no matter how innocent the oversight was. Some situations that have caused recent claim denials:

-a son who lost his job and moved back into the parent’s home. He had his own    vehicle, but took the last car in the driveway out to the store….

-To help with the rent, a customer took in a roommate who borrowed the car….

-a new driver just got his license, and he was driving to school …

-a daughter came for an extended visit to help her parent recover from a broken hip, and she was driving to physical therapy….

So please, contact us with any change in driver. We will need to know the license number and if they have an auto policy of their own including the company and policy number. If they have their own auto policy, they will be considered a “deferred” driver meaning their driving classification and record will be charged to their policy and not yours.

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