Storm Preparedness Tips For Your Business

by owner

In Massachusetts, we surely understand how fast a storm can turn deadly. As a business owner, you have to think about your personal life – your home, your family and everything that comes with protecting that – as well as your business investment – your staff, property and any items inside of your business. Fortunately, preparing your business for a large storm – or even storm season – does not have to be difficult.

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Follow these steps to be sure you are ready to handle any storm that comes your way:

  • First things first, identify any potential problems. Whether it’s a tornado or a wildfire, you are aware of the potential threats your area may pose to your business. Determine your business’s risk factors. You can always talk things over with your Massachusetts business insurance agent. Personal insurance agents are able to identify risks and offer management solutions.
  • Develop an emergency response plan and practice it with your business. This can include the proper exits, and how to prepare if a storm is coming and you are at the place of business.
  • Always be sure to protect any pertinent financial data – back it up because if your system goes down, you want to be prepared.
  • If a storm is threatening, work with your staff to support the windows, doors and other common places of impact for property damage.

Remember, you always want to protect your property, but your safety comes first. In the event of a serious storm, always consider your own safety first. And don’t forget that you can always talk to your personal insurance agent about your options, or to file a claim.



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