Hoverboards, e-cigarettes & the dangers of lithium-ion batteries

by plong

As the New York Times puts it in their March 2nd article, “There could be a bomb in your house, and you put it there.”

In recent years, more and more of our “toys” are powered by lithium-ion batteries: smartphones, hoverboards, electronic cigarettes, drones, etc.   And while they have improved our lives in many ways, these batteries also have the potential dangerous side effects such as exploding due to battery malfunctions.

We need to be aware of these risks. Insure Info Blog has posted a new item, ‘Hoverboards, e-cigarettes & the dangers of lithium-ion batteries’ You may have seen the viral video – a man is at a checkout in a convenience store in Kentucky when suddenly his pants burst into flames. He runs out the door of the store, removes his pants and a good Samaritan comes to his aid. He was hospitalized but expected to be OK. But yikes, what happened?

To view that video and read the rest of this post, please click here http://www.insureinfoblog.com/2016/03/hoverboards-e-cigarettes-the-dangers-of-lithium-ion-batteries/


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