Preparing for College

by plong

Now that your son or daughter is off to college, it’s a good time to review their auto insurance coverage. E&L Vice President Pat Long advises that students with good academic records – in college or high school – can qualify for special premium discounts. To start, simply submit a copy of their grades or transcript to your E&L customer service representative. They’ll advise if your family qualifies.

If the school your child is attending and residing at is more than 100 miles away and the vehicle is remaining at home, your auto company may have an “Away at School” endorsement.

Important! If your son or daughter is taking a vehicle to college with them, we need to change the garaging to either the town/city in state or to an “out-of-state” territory. This is an increase in premium. However, if not endorsed, it can put a claim at risk of not being covered.

Also, Insure Info Blog has posted a new item, ‘Kids heading off to college? Double check insurance coverage first’

If you have a child headed off to college, it’s time to check your current insurance policies and have a talk with your insurance agent to ensure your student has adequate protection.

Homeowners / renters insurance- If your student will be living in a dorm, their possessions may be covered by your homeowners policy for […]

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