E&L’s Top Ten Tips- How to Prepare for a Cape Cod Hurricane

by plong
  1. Clear your yard of outdoor furniture, potted plants, trash cans, grills, bikes, kiddie pools and similar objects. Securely anchor things that can not be put indoors.
  2. Trim trees and shrubs, removing weak limbs and any loose debris that high winds could turn into destructive missiles.
  3. Protect your windows with storm shutters. If you don’t have them, tape or board exposed glass to minimize shattering. Tack down any loose roofing and sliding.
  4. Be sure you have plenty of batteries , candles, boiled or bottled water and non-perishable foods. May experts recommend a two-week supply.
  5. Have a well stocked first aid kit on hand, and at least two weeks’ worth of prescription medicines.
  6. Get a battery-operated radio, and be sure it’s working. Closely monitor the storm’s progress.
  7. Move boats to a safe haven. Determine the safest place to leave your car if you don’t have a garage, and keep the gas tank full.
  8. Get extra cash- you may need it to buy necessities if there’s a power failure.
  9. Devise a family emergency plan and rehearse it. Be sure you know the nearest shelter and evacuation route.
  10. Leave low-lying areas as early as possible. Notify someone of your destination and call again when you arrive. Shut off all utilities before leaving your home.

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