Winter Means Rewards and Risk for Independent Plowers

You are an independent contractor who uses a pickup to plow and clear snow from, roads, driveways and parking lots in the winter months. Does your auto policy cover you for liability and property damage?  It depends.

All companies view this exposure differently. Some companies will only allow road and small commercial lots plowed, while others will only allow private driveways plowed.  Most companies will not allow state roads and/or large commercial parking lots ie malls. Contact your agent to make sure your company fits what work you accept.

The only common denominator is you must inform the company that you are plowing. Most companies will charge you more premium on your commercial auto policy to cover the exposure.  Some companies may also require a liability policy to supplement the coverage.

Accidents that occur during plowing, such as knocking over signs or damaging structures, and accidents that occur after plowing, such as slip and falls, can be covered by insuring properly. Call your Customer Service Representative with any questions.